5 Ways to Stay Sober at 5pm

Cocktail hour. Happy hour. And when I was a mom with little kids, arsenic hour. 5 pm is the magic release date for permission to drink. But what are those of us who are taking a break from booze to do? Drinking after work or after a long day with toddlers takes the edge off. […]

Why you have to laugh when you’re getting sober

If something is important, we treat the topic with seriousness. We do research. We take notes. We make a great effort. When we deal with important stuff like money. Politics. And especially religion or spirituality. I don’t think the Catholic church is known for its sense of humor. Killing people for their religious beliefs isn’t […]

You do NOT have to hit rock bottom

12-step sobriety programs insist you MUST hit bottom in order to be willing to do the work to recover from your addiction.  The authors of the book Alcoholics Anonymous insist that until you admit complete defeat you will not be desperate enough to take the tough steps like seeing your part in your problems and […]

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