Why you have to laugh when you’re getting sober

If something is important, we treat the topic with seriousness.

We do research.
We take notes.
We make a great effort.

When we deal with important stuff like money. Politics. And especially religion or spirituality.

I don’t think the Catholic church is known for its sense of humor. Killing people for their religious beliefs isn’t a barrel of laughs. And original sin doesn’t make for a good time.

I was raised in the Dutch Reformed church. Not only did we go to church a whole lot, but we were also forbidden to do fun things: dance, see movies, play cards.

I’ve found that the key to being happily alcohol-free is to take the opposite approach.

While I am convinced I would be dead if I had continued drinking, I insist on having fun in my sobriety.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

Laughing about something that pains you releases its hold on you.

In my experience, laughter diminishes the power of doubt, remorse, and shame.

It also expands our channel of the divine.

I viscerally feel the power of Source pouring through me, shining through the top of my head and through my neck and my heart, my gut, and my base.

When I get serious. When I make a real effort. When I struggle. Even when I seek, that channel narrows and the flow slows.

When I am amused, when I allow God (in her infinite wisdom) to reveal herself to me, when I play or dance or laugh or sing or teasingly banter, that channel expands.

In that expansive space, new ideas, insights, and inspiration miraculously appear. In a contracted space — well, all of that feels constipated and inaccessible.

Laughter creates bonds between people.

When I was traveling for work once, someone opened a door and an alarm blared unceasingly for an uncomfortable length of time.

My traveling companion sarcastically said, “Well that’s lovely.” All of us laughed at the miserable experience. And we bonded over how laughably bad it was.

What about inviting them to the community here??

Laughing at the absurdity of something instantly dissolves discomfort.

And in this same way, laughing on your journey to sobriety helps.

Lightheartedness will loosen the burden of being newly separated from alcohol — I promise.

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