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Kay Allison helps professional women break their drinking habits and get free… free from booze, free from shame and free from anxiety. After Kay went alcohol free, she increased her income 600% and married the love of her life. Her book, Juicy AF* (*Alcohol Free) Stop The Drinking Spiral. Create Your Future., and her course “30 Days to Freedom for Professional Women” provide a step-by-step guide for high-achieving women. 

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In 1999, Kay Allison was a Senior Vice President at a global ad agency and a single mom as her drinking escalated to the point that she went alcohol free.

Since then, Kay increased her income 6x, met and married a man she’s still crazy about 21 years later, helped Fortune 200 companies generate $2 billion in new revenue, adopted a child, written two books, invented 4 successful businesses, travelled around the world and moved to her dream town.

Most important, she is happy with herself.

She’s a clairvoyant, an executive coach, and a healer. She lives in a pine forest complete with a waterfall. She truly lives a Juicy AF life.

Long Bio

Kay Allison is an award-winning innovator and entrepreneur.

She was a professional success as a Senior VP of a global ad agency and was personally riddled with shame when she went alcohol free in 1999. Since then, she increased her income 600%, founded four million-dollar companies, met and married the love of her life and moved to her favorite place in the world (Boulder, CO).

Her first entrepreneurial venture, The Energy Infuser, helped Fortune 200 companies invent their next $100 million innovations. Her clients generated total annual revenue of $2 billion from those innovations.

Her next venture was The Energy Annex, a focus group facility that was voted “World’s Best Facility” for 17 years runnin.

Prior to launching Juicy AF* (*Alcohol Free), she created Farm&Oven Snacks, packaged mini muffins with ½ cup of vegetables in each pack. Dewey’s Bakery (North Carolina) bought the company in 2020.

The mission of Juicy AF is to attract, nurture and serve a learning community of high-achieving, professional women, helping them get free from alcohol, anxiety and shame through content, courses and community.

Since going alcohol free, Kay met and married the man she’s still crazy about. They moved to her favorite spot in the world (Boulder, CO) where they live in a pine forest, complete with a waterfall.

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Our Vision

Juicy AF* (*Alcohol Free) is Transforming Sobriety for Women

I’ve tried different sobriety programs and created what I felt was missing.

12-step programs were created by men for other men. The focus is on ego-puncturing. For women who are constantly finding themselves being “not good enough” all that ego puncturing makes our problems worse, not better.

Other woman-led programs don’t have any spiritual solution. And a spiritual solution is what heals and transforms the forces that led us to drink.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned from being free from alcohol for 23 years and created the Juicy AF* Program (*Alcohol Free). It’s perfect for you if you are a high-achieving woman who does not love the negative consequences of drinking any more.

I invite you to read the book and learn more by clicking below!

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