Have a happy, hangxiety-free holiday

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. You wake up feeling great. You slept solidly through the night. And your body feels refreshed.

You realize something’s missing… But what?

You remember everything that happened yesterday. You smile, remembering that funny story someone told. Your mouth waters as you think about the pumpkin pie.

So what's missing?

Oh right.

Remorse. Shame. Regret. Anxiety. Hangover.

You did not make an ass out of yourself yesterday. You didn’t offend anyone. You weren’t a drunken mess.


What can you do to ensure you wake up without hangxiety?

You need two things.

  1. A roadmap you can use to navigate sticky situations.
  2. A bunch of “traveling companions” who can support you.

In these pre-Thanksgiving live streams, we’ll go through ways to navigate challenges like:

  • How do you respond when someone asks why you aren’t drinking?  
  • After you clear that hurdle, how do you deal with still feeling socially awkward? 
  • Phew, ok! Managed that one. But those glasses of wine are starting to look inviting…

AND you’ll be part of an amazing community of other women who are doing the same thing you are. You do NOT have to do this alone.

I’ve done the holidays happy and alcohol-free for 23 years in a row and counting.

Have I ever been uncomfortable? Yup.
Has a glass of wine ever sounded appealing? Yup.
Have I been nervous beforehand? Absolutely.

I’ve learned from my own experiences and from helping hundreds of others have happy alcohol free holidays.

I’ll share the secrets of success I’ve learned through experience.

I’m running three live streams on my social channels the weekend before Thanksgiving AND two the week following Thanksgiving, so we can learn from our experiences – whether you drink or not.

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Check your inbox for an email with the subject line “Hangxiety-free holidays are here!” and get a free copy of my Guide to Hangxiety Free Holidays.

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